You can follow me on Instagram for a look behind the screens. I regularly post things I'm working on, new ideas I want to try out, short video's of how I do things, artwork that is ready to be sold etc. I also have a Facebookpage with approximately the same content, in case you'd rather follow me there. I also have a blog, where you can find a lot of old content. I started my blog in 2012 and wrote several times a week. A lot of the paintings on this site are shared on the blog, and often you can see how they started out and the whole process from start to finish. Just put in the name of the painting in the search-box. 

I sometimes write a short newsletter about stuff I've been working on and if I have news about new products. My newsletter-subscribers are often the first ones to know about promotions, sales and new work. You can subscribe here, and don't worry, you can unsubscribe very easily at any time.

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